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Fender Amplifier Repair Stories

Note: this web page is currently being created - as I tackle this project.

  • Fender Dual Showman silver face Model AB763 (1968)

    This guitar amp that I bought new in 1968 and has sat idle in my basement family room for 30 years. After retirement, I have dusted off my guitars and begun to work on my calouses. Fairly soon I dug out my Guild Starfire IV and then I needed an amp.

    But there were problems with the amp. The following pages describe my attempts to fix this grand old tube-type Fender Amp.

  • Fender M80 Solid State Amp (1989)

    This amp I found at a flee market in 2015. I needed something to play on while working on my Dual Showman. It looked a little rough but worked fine when I bought it and it only cost $50.00. I have to admit that I had 'tube amp' on my mind when I bought it -- even though I i KNEW that it was Solid State. But I'm more than happy to have i; if only to own this little piece of history.