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"Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak." - John Adams

Hello, my name is Stuart Baker and I am a tree nut - in that for the past 15 years my family and I have been working to establish a woodlot on land that had previously been used to raise corn [see Re-foresting farm]. As anyone knows who has tried to replace prairie with trees, it requires a great deal of optimism. We try....

I have created this site for my own reference - mainly - because as I get older I tend to forget when, how, and why I have done things one way or another. So this site serves as a journal where I record ideas, techniques, observations and (sometimes) jump to conclusions.

It is also a means for me to keep current in Web design and construction techniques. This site was constructed from scratch using html and php coding. It relies heavily on style sheets for ease of construction and design continuity.

This site is not my only presence on the web but it is the site to which I give most of my time and attention - by far. But I can also be found on Facebook and in two blogs: "Surviving Bladder Cancer" and " The Travels of Jack Pynesapp". These are the only other sites that I maintain for myself. I do maintain - to one degree or another - some additional sites for businesses, artists, and individuals.

Anyway, I hope you find something interesting and/or useful here. If you see any errors please let me know. (See contact page)

Thanks for stopping.


I'm always glad to hear from people about this site and about shared interests.

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