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Whether it's re-designing (reverse engineering) old pinball machines or getting some motorized contraption to move around by itself, the function of computers that has always had the most appeal to me has been automated sensing and control. I began this with a microprocessor design course in UW = Madison. My final project for the course (which netted me an automatic A for the course) was a functioning prototype for an ice nucleation spectrometer based on a motorola 68000 micropressor. This would measure the temperature of super-cooled water as it was being cooled below 0 degrees celcius and sense and display the temperature that ice crystals first began to form. Within a year I had expanded this design into an instrument that we used in our research for many years.

It's been many years since I have had the time to work at this level. Now that I am retired I obtained an Arduino Duemilanove development kit and am bread-boarding my little heart out.