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Continue pruning lower branches
foreground last winter
background this spring


Last summer (2012) was warm and wet in Nortwestern Wisconsin (it escaped the severe drought that hit the southern part of the state and much of the country. It was another great growing season for these trees and they all put on at least a foot and a half of new growth. Over the past winter we have continued to prune up these evergreens and thin where they are already too crowded. We are knocking down any white pine that have been infected (totally) with blister rust and removing infected branches where the main tree still looks like it might recover (lesions and symptoms haven't reached the main trunk).

2013 Now that the barn is completely down (except for the pit) I plan to spend a lot more time in the woods. I am reducing my umpire schedule to allow me to make longer stays at the farm.

Mother Eagle standing guard by her nest

The primary areas of concern are (haven't changed that much from last year):

  1. Continue to prune up pine in planting east of field road (to back-40). Clear underbrush. Open up understory. Continue to release hardwoods and prune up if necessary.
  2. Clear invading brush and undesirable trees from the woods to the west. Re-establish fire buffer between our woods and the neighbors.
  3. Continue removal of invasive trees and brush like box elder and buckthorn.
  4. Continue clearing underbrush from 'old windbreak' and promoting desired species - either planted naturally or by us.
  5. Watch Eagle pair as they raise their young.

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