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Work continues on the following:

  1. Fill gaps in the plantation by developing and refining strategies for establishing stands in difficult areas.
    • Site prep and weed control.
    • Direct seeding and transplanting nursery stock (our private nursery - we no longer buy from commercial or DNR nurseries).
  2. Prune and thin the white pines for disease control (white pine blister rust).
  3. Seed collection and establishment of nursery stock.
  4. Manage brush and invasive species.

Pictures and notes from 2008 (click on each image for a larger view):

Progress of first (5-Mile)Walnut planting ( 2008)

Debi standing in Walnuts
Walnut grove 2008

Walnuts on hillside were some of the first trees we planted from seed in 2005 (and from transplants grown from seed in River Falls). Trees on the left are some of the old windbreak west of the barn.

I have taken pictures from this spot over the years in order to show the progress of our handy work. (These prior shots will be posted shortly.)

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More images coming soon....