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Filling in between the skipped rows on top 40 and re-planting some of the bottom field.

This was a year to fill in some of the gaps.

Here is the tree order for 2005 planting season:

  • 250 White Pine
  • 250 White Spruce
  • 250 Black Spruce
  • 250 White Oak

Some of Roland's letters from that spring ...

Roland lives a lot closer to the farm than I do and he has a woodlot nearby that he works whenever he gets a chance. He is my eyes and ears for the progression of our plantings -- and of the seasons.

I couldn't make it up north the day the DNR delivered the trees this year so Roland volunteered to pick them up.

This tree order contained some very large 3 year-old hardwood trees. Trees this big are much harder to plant and they have less chance of success -- we find.

The bottom land is so rich and fertile that we've had a hard time getting trees to grow down there.

We're always worried about rain after transplanting trees. One year we planted in the snow but other years it's been so hot and dry that we're amazed that anything could survive. It usually does.


Planting trees
furrows for re-planting top field.
-- looking north and looking south --

April and May

I thought long and hard before doing this. We all walked through this field for a couple years now looking for trees that survived the planting, and survived the deep sod, and incredibly tall weeds and impossibly thick grass. I decided to do the best I could to avoid the few surviving trees but in the end I just plowed the furrows and hoped this planting fared better than the last.

Since we only had 1000 trees ordered we decided to plant by hand. And since we weren't very happy with the planter we hoped this strategy would give the trees a better chance.

We also thought these tree species may be more tolerant to soil condidions. This is deep, rich, soil and not always very well drained.

Crowded walnut
Crowded walnut
furrows for re-planting bottom field.

Update 2019:

Originally I only could find pictures for 2005 taken after planting (maybe by next visit to the farm that year).

Some more pictues just turned up wnen Nick found an old roll of 35mm film and had it deveoped.

So I will add these pictures to this page along with some of the originals.

Crowded walnut
Crowded walnut
North end of farm planting.

What this part of the farm looks like in 2015.

Crowded walnut

View along this edge of the farm 10 years later.

Click on photo to enlarge.

More pictures from 2005....

Crowded walnut
Crowded walnut
Roland and Stuart
Crowded walnut
Crowded walnut
A couple more pictures from that lost roll....

Fall planting of potted oak from personal nursury in Madison

October 8, 2005:

Red and White oak seedlings. 196 seedlings, individually planted in D40 tubes. These were mostly Red Oak. The seed was overwintered this past winter (2004-2005) in a bucket, burried in my garden. I planted each acorn (already slightly sprouting) in May 2005 in to seperate D40 pots. These grew very well over the summer and were over a foot tall and vigourous by fall.

I thought fall planting may work since these are potted and will minimize root damage during the transplanting. We worked hard not to disturb the root ball while knocking off the pot and putting in the ground.

Pepared. NE. end of strips for planting. Win and I found rows - she flaged surviving oaks. I placed white flags to mark pine rows as reference. I mowed between these marked rows in prep for plowing.

Plowed 2-rows east of eastern row of first planting. This was a Spruce row - we planted spruce on outside rows that year because forester didn�t want us to plant spruce inside planting because they are too slow growing to �nurse� hardwood. I skipped �spruce row� and plowed 4th - liting over survivors. I skipped next pine row and plowed 4th furrow.

Began planting Oak (White and Red) from D40 pots and a couple apples (some from the tree at the Countryside Inn that had been planted for Allen)

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