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This is the first year we dIdn't get the planter. We were having so much trouble and this was ONLY 2000 trees - that we decided to try planting by hand.

I plowed furrows the length of the upper field (top 40) and we broke into planting teams, grabbed a bucket of trees, and planted.

NOTE from 2012: This explains where all the white pine came from in this area. I have just been prunning in this area and the predominant tree is white pine. Since we didn't plant any on the first pass in 2001, I was a little confused. Until I found these pictures.

2004 crew
Crew 2004

Tree planting crew members preparing trees for hand planting.

I'm trying to find more information on this year. I will publish this as I find it.

Here is the tree order:

  • 1000 Red Pine $166.00.
  • 1000 White Pine $166.00

More pictures and notes will follow as soon as I have time ...

October 5, 2004: Email to county forester:

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